A trucker, a work from home job and now a blog. What was I thinking ????

My  hubby is a trucker. He loved it when he started now not so much. I work from home answering phone and doing campground reservations. Glorious right lol I got an idea in my head to try a blog. Maybe eventually can start making money and leave my job. A girl can dream right IContinue reading “A trucker, a work from home job and now a blog. What was I thinking ????”

It’s all about “My life as a TRUCKER’S WIFE”.

          My name is Kathy and I live in the southern tier of New York. I have 3 kids, 2 adorable cats, a huge 3-bedroom house, 2 slightly new automobiles and you guess it my husband drives a really, big truck for a living. I think sometimes he spends more time with her thenContinue reading “It’s all about “My life as a TRUCKER’S WIFE”.”


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